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Zappos Hurricane Harvey Relief

Community Donation Project to Benefit The Salvation Army

The devastation caused by Hurricane Harvey has united us in the desire to spread kindness and offer help to our neighbors, no matter the distance.


Zappos, in partnership with The Salvation Army and Lyft, hope that our Las Vegas community can come together to lend a hand in this time of need.

Donations made in person and via Lyft:

Tuesday, September 5  – Friday, September 8

7 a.m. to 7 p.m. each day 

Donation Headquarters:

Seventh Street Parking Lot (corner of 7th and Ogden)

Las Vegas, Nevada  89101

Additional donation location: 
The Center (401 S. Maryland Pkwy

Las Vegas, Nevada  89101)

Items that are greatly needed and appreciated:

Non-Perishable Food
Food items must be packaged in sturdy cans, boxes or bags. Avoid items packaged in glass.

o    Canned meals (soup, stews, chili)
o    Tuna (or other canned meats)
o    Boxed instant meals (mac n cheese, hamburger helper)
o    Peanut butter
o    Canned fruit
o    Canned vegetables
o    Canned or bagged beans
o    Pasta & spaghetti sauce
o    Rice
o    Cereal
o    Healthy snacks 


Baby Supplies 
Baby supplies may include formula, food, bottles, pacifiers, diapers and wipes 
Hygiene Products

o    Soap
o    Shampoo
o    Toothbrushes
o    Toothpaste
o    Razor
o    Deodorant
o    Hair brushes and combs
o    Feminine hygiene products
o    Body wipes
o    Hand sanitizer

Unneeded Items

o    Water and beverage 
o    Chocolate and other candies
o    Perishable items, such as fresh fruit, vegetables, bread, and pastries  
o    Flour or sugar 

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