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Captains Anthony and Lisa Barnes

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Captains Anthony and Lisa Barnes serve as the Clark County Commanders. Their deployment to the valley follows an appointment leading The Salvation Army’s work in South Seattle and the surrounding communities. Prior to heading to Seattle in 2016, they spent 5 ½ years at the Southwest Divisional Headquarters where they shared the role of Divisional Youth & Candidate’s Secretary. 


Captain Lisa Barnes is an Officer/Pastor, Author, and International Speaker who was born in Las Vegas and came to The Salvation Army as her church home in Gresham, Oregon through a food box as her mother was caught in the grip of addiction. Lisa is passionate about Social Justice, loving those in the margins, fully being herself, while living and sharing Jesus. She has ministered in Portland, Oregon, San Francisco, and Salinas, California. 


She has her Bachelor’s degree in Counseling for Christian Ministries, and is a graduate of the Arrow Leadership Program. She loves art; both in creating it and enjoy other’s creations. Lisa loves playing bass and acoustic guitar, and drinking way too much coffee while visiting with friends. 


Lisa also is the author of a book called Love to a Whore's Daughter: Life and Faith Through the Lens of Grace and Redemption. (Available for free eDownload from  She also wrote a guided journal called BRAVE: Thoughts and Acts. This is part of an empowerment program for girls in foster care. This is a preventative effort to combat the correlation between girls in foster care and girls who are trafficked into the domestic sex industry.


Captain Anthony Barnes was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY.  As a teenager, Anthony decided that he was going break the family cycle of drug and alcohol addiction.  He has now dedicated his life to showing kids, teens, and adults that they can break the cycle of any addiction they face.  


Prior to becoming ordained as a pastor, Anthony had a career in law enforcement ranging from corrections to investigations/interrogations, and ending as a Divisional Commander overseeing two operations.  In that role, he served, simultaneously, as Director of 9-1-1 & Director of Emergency Disaster Services for the County.  Having felt the call to full time ministry on his life, Anthony decided to change career paths and join in partnership with Lisa as they meet human needs in Jesus name. 


Anthony was the first in his community to go to college.  He now holds a B.A. Degree from Hofstra University, and an M.A. Degree from Regent University.  His desire to develop academically is matched by his desire to lead by example.  He believes that others will be inspired to develop themselves if they see that it is achievable.  


Captains Anthony and Lisa Barnes have been married for 16 years. They live life with their two beautiful Children, Little Anthony- 15, and Hurricane Leilah-8, and their three-year-old German Shepherd.

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